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Fill out the form at the bottom on this page to get your free ebook and find out how I was able to get this used mobile home for FREE 

1989 24x44 3bedroom 2 bath in great condition.
Fill out the form at the bottom on this page to get your free ebook and find out how I was able to get this used mobile home for $1,000  

1998 14x76 3bedroom 2 bath in great condition. 
My name is Mike Cheatham.  I have 25 years experience  in the Mobile Home Industry. I've moved, repaired, sold new, sold used, and built new modulars as a Class A Contractor. What I'm going to share with you WILL save you a lot of money! .

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but as the economy goes further and further down the drain, cheaper living is becoming more expensive.  

Your little cars that get 30 to 40 miles to the gallon, traditional homes below 100k, and used mobile homes in parks or on land are still selling because the average person or family needs or has to live cheaper. The problem is, it’s becoming harder and harder to get good deals on these less expensive things.

In 2008 the economy started closing in on my building business. I had to start thinking of another way to feed my family. I created this ebook/report to help us all. 

The ebook has the names and number to all the mobile home finance company's I buy from. It has differant methods I use to find mobile homes. I've included all the auction websites as well.

You can't go wrong by getting this eBook. If you are serious about finding a wholesale or foreclosed mobile home then just fill out this form and I will contact you soon. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THE BEST TIME TO CONTACT YOU.

I created a classified website dedicated to mobile homes, modular homes, mhp parks, and rv's. The website is new as of 2014. This website has been a dream of mine since 2008 and it is now ready. We are still working on some portions of the site, and will continue to update it. www.mobilehomeangels.org

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Fill out the info box and I will be in contact with you soon or you can call me @ 757-639-9185 Thanks Mike

Helping every day people find great deals on used mobile homes and modulars for FREE
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